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C.K. Marion is an American rapper, multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter.
Originally from Orlando, C.K. made her debut acting and performing at an early age. She is a powerful rapper with a forceful flow and clever, piercingly focused lyrics. Her albums showcase her lyrical, rhyming and production skills. With a sound quintessentially her own, her voice rings with a gritty pride that’s as distinctive as it is affecting. She raps about topics ranging from social justice to feminism, LGBTQ rights, and the BLM movement.

Aside from music C.K. Marion is a actress & model and C.E.O. of Joint Records Inc.
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Music Videos

King and Queen of the Throne
-C.K. Marion

They Don't Know Me (Prod. Penacho) - C.K. Marion

Boot Camp (Prod. DarK Wolve$) - C.K. Marion

Electric Eel (Rap Parady) - C.K. Marion

Killing Me - C.K. Marion

So Many Games (Starring Shanyn Davis) - C.K. Marion

Won't Break - C.K. Marion

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